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Where can I download a copy of the instructions?

If your clamp looks like this:

 Click Here:

SelfieMic Instructions A


 If your clamp looks like this:


Click Here:

SelfieMic Instructions B


Can I use my SelfieMic in portrait mode?


If your clamp looks like this:


 The clamp can be safely rotated into portrait mode by manually twisting the clamp through 90 degrees. Please ensure that your phone is fully and securely inserted into the clamp. For further information, please view the “How To” video below.

If your clamp looks like this:

Simply loosen the dial, rotate the clamp and then retighten the dial. Please ensure that your phone is fully and securely inserted into the clamp.

Are my StarMaker recordings private?

Once a video has been recorded, all videos have the option to be saved privately (DRAFT) or saved publically (POST). If saved as a private draft, the video can only be viewed / seen by the account holder. It is only the account holder who can choose to share the videos on Social Media but only if they have that particular Social Media account.

If saved publically (Post), the video can be viewed by others but only within the StarMaker music community, which does have the ability for content sharing. Other StarMaker users also have the ability to comment on public videos.

If a video is posted publically by mistake, individual videos can be reverted back to a private setting, or deleted completely, by selecting the ‘More’ function. If you wish to change the status of a video, or to delete a video, select your recording, select the ‘•••’ icon and either choose to change the status or delete the video. Posted videos which have been changed to a private setting are identified by a padlock icon/

How do I download StarMaker?

Search for StarMaker in the Apple app store or Google Play and download for free.

Is my device compatible with the StarMaker app?

The StarMaker app is compatible with the following devices and operating systems :
iPad (not compatible with SelfieMic), iPhone, iPod Touch iOS 9 or later
Android devices on Android 4.3 and up

Wi-Fi or 3G/4G connection required

How do I claim my 1,000 StarMaker tokens ?

In order to claim your tokens you will need to register to StarMaker.  To do this, download the app to your device and follow the instructions on the screen to register to StarMaker.  Please note that you must be 13 or over (or have parental permission) to register to the StarMaker app.

1. Visit the website & enter code
Once you have registered in the app, use your phone web browser and go to:
Enter your code found in the SelfieMic Instructions.

2. Add your StarMaker ID
Enter your StarMaker log-in details

3. Confirmation
You then get confirmation of your 1,000 tokens

4. Tokens = Lollipops
Once you click OK you then get a screen shot to explain that each token = 1 lollipop gift.
When you return to the Starmaker app, you will have 1000 lollipops available within the gift section.

Can I use StarMaker without registering?

No, you must register for a StarMaker account in order to sing and create videos. However, there are lots of apps compatible with SelfieMic that allow you to record yourself singing and create music videos without creating an account – or you can use the forward-facing video on your smartphone to create your own videos.

How do I create a music video with SelfieMic?

There are lots of ways to create music videos with SelfieMic.

Using forward facing video

You can easily create SelfieMic music videos using your  forward facing video on your smart phone by singing a cappella or with music playing in the background.

Using StarMaker

You must be 13+ to use the StarMaker app, or seek parental permission.

You can create music videos with SelfieMic by using our free partner app, StarMaker. To do this, simply download the app and register, select the song you want to record and you will be taken to an app screen.  Here, you can select cool filters and audio effects to give your performance a professional feel.

Then, simply tap ‘record’ and you can sing along and even create dance routines to your favourite songs. Once you’ve finished recording, you can save your music videos.

Using music/singing apps

There are lots of apps compatible with SelfieMic that allow you to record yourself singing and create music videos.  Why not explore the app store and test out a few?

Can I share my videos on Social Media?

You can share your videos via email / text, or via Social Media if you are aged 13 or over. Please be responsible and safe when sharing.

Does SelfieMic require batteries?

No. However, the microphone must be connected to your phone in order to be powered and perform as a functioning microphone.

Why is the volume of my earpiece low?

The volume of the earpiece has been limited so that the volume always remains within safe limits for children’s ears (max 85Db). For max safe volume, ensure that the phone’s volume is set to max.

Can I use SelfieMic with my own headphones?

Yes. We recognise that the style of earpiece supplied with SelfieMic does not suit everyone and therefore SelfieMic can be used with any other earpieces or headphones.

Where can I get further help using SelfieMic?

If you have any problems using SelfieMic – we’re here to help.  Simply contact our friendly customer service team:

UK Customer Services

Call us on 0800 389 8591 (UK Free)

Or email [email protected]

Where can I get further help using the StarMaker App

You can find out more about the StarMaker App through their website or email their team at:

[email protected]


Please feel free to contact our Customer Service team if you have any further queries:

Worlds Apart [email protected]
Free Phone (UK only): 0800 389 8591